This Teacher Old Motorcycle Sold Until Rp36 Million

This Teacher Old Motorcycle Sold Until Rp36 Million
Hardjosudiro and his old motorcycle
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YOGYAKARTA - Who would have thought, the retired teacher old motor's behavior to Rp36 million. Want to know what the teacher bought the bike? Only Rp300 thousand...

Is Hardjosudiro, chemistry
high school teacher in De Britto College who has served since 1970. Now in his old age, he and his wife lived in Kampung Mancasan, Wirobrajan, Yogyakarta.

The teacher who just retirement in 2014, really did not expect if his
old motor is worn during his stint as a teacher can be rewarded up to tens of millions.

Motor with
Suzuki brand in green color which production in 1977 was bought very expensive by Hardjosudiro former student in College De Britto, Yogyakarta.

That motors have a million memories of him. He recalled, these motors buy because 
Romo leaders in De Britto College High School asked him cause almost all of the teachers had to ride a motorcycle.

"I was riding the bicycle from my home in Tirtodipuran to De Britto, then Romo request and lend money to buy a new motorcycle. Well, I bought this bike. The current price of Rp 300 thousand, and I pay
Rp15,000 from one month salary," he said

Husband of Theresia Sutini admitted if since buying the bike until now never buy another bike. It is the only bike has ever had.

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