Upps...Poor Patients in Bogor 'Detained' by Hospital

Upps...Poor Patients in Bogor Detained by Hospital
Chairman of DPRD Bogor, H Ade Ruhandi when visiting Sry Mulyani / Sindonews
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BOGOR -  Ballad of poor people who compounded by hospital during treatment still happened. This time override Sry Mulyani. Patient RS Mary Cileungsi, Bogor Regency was 'detained' in four days by the hospital.

"We've tried to negotiate with hospital management by mortgaging motorcycles and paid cash of Rp3 million, but  hospital management refused and opted to 'detained' my wife four days," said Yuda Kuswanto, husband Sry when visiting Chairman of DPRD Bogor, H Ade Ruhandi, yesterday.

Yuda told, Sry detained because he can not pay the cost of his wife treatment after suffering a miscarriage. As a worker whose income barely fit, Yuda claims could not pay his wife care bill in cash.

Known his citizens who are trouble, Ade responded immediately. Together with Yuda, he tried to meet the Mary Hospital management. Unfortunately, the hospital seemed reluctant to see and avoid. Ade finally to the cashier and cleared Sri administration during treatment.

Sry was not able to hold back the tears as she gave thanks and gratitude of magnitude for the attention from man  familiarly called Jaro Ade to poor people like himself.

"Thank you sir, who knows what happens if you did not come. Allhamdulillah, he care for people like us, people can not afford," says Sry in tears.

After issuing Sry, Ade who is also chairman of the Golkar Bogor Regency deplores the attitude of the hospital management.

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