This Former Dangdut Singer Shocked by Memory of Three Years Ago

This Former Dangdut Singer Shocked by Memory of Three Years Ago
Camel Petir
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JAKARTA - Amid bustle of her career in politics, this dangdut singer quite rarely fills the entertainment stage the country. But what happened the last few days, she shocked by the news of some relatives, that the song titled 'Gadis Bukan Perawan' exploded on radio stations and many of the request.

It definitely makes artist which graduated from the reality show Penghuni Terakhir have astonished. How not, the song sings that she had long ago since the year 2013.

"I was meeting friends at a political event. Many of my friends say, Camel, your song was more crowded on the radio and dangdut events. I was surprised, because the song is long enough, from 2013," said Camel Petir in Jakarta, recently.

Camel was less confident with some companions statement. But she was only assured when many accept the offer in the area and asked to sing that song.

"Yesterday when the event in Bali, I donate a song. I sing jazz song titled 'Sinaran'. But after that many are asking song 'Gadis Bukan Perawan'. Yesterday also there that my shrimp to Medan. Not for a political event, but for singing. I'm so swamped job singing again because of that song," said Camel.

She claimed did not think the song which sung three years ago that it is now well known. He grew proud when viewed on Youtube pretty much see the video of the song.

"On YouTube it has been viewed more than eight thousand times. It was most watched on Youtube," said woman who owner's real name Camelia Panduwinata Lubis.

Camel also hope to connoisseurs of the song, do not see the contents of the song, but should be used as educational materials that courtship is not had to do excessive.

"I hope the support of many people. That song is sung, as educational materials that must be addressed better. That's what I want from the song," she concluded.

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