Agus Yudhoyono and Sylviana Murni Get 'Farewell' Soon

Agus Yudhoyono and Sylviana Murni Get Farewell Soon
Agus Yudhoyono-Sylviana Murni
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JAKARTA - Finally, candidate from Cikeas party coalition announced. Early this morning, officially coalition of Democrat Party, PPP, PAN and PKB is carrying duet of Agus Yudhoyono Harimurti-Sylviana Murni as a partner in th2017 elections of Jakarta.

For note, Agus and Sylviana remained active in their institution. Agus is Major of Infantry who currently serves as Commander of Mechanised Infantry Battalion 203/Arya Kemuning. Meanwhile, Sylviana still served as Deputy Governor of Culture and Tourism.

"Mrs. Silvi will be saying goodbye to her boss. And also Mr. Agus, also will direct farewell too," said Chairman of PPP, M Rommahurmuziy in Puri Cikeas, Bogor, Friday (23/9) morning.

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After the farewell, further Romahurmuziy, both of them will register with Election Commission of Jakarta, Friday (23/9) at 19:00. They will go to the Election Commission after previously gathered at the office of the Democratic Party at Central Jakarta.

"After all finished administration, they also need to sign a letter, so we take the safe at 19.00," said Chairman of PAN, Zulkifli Hasan.

"Those two are the ideal duet, the combination of a military
combined experienced bureaucrat," said Romahurmuziy associated candidate that carried this coalition.

As the best graduate Military Academy class of 2000 and was awarded Adhi Makayasa, Agus is a young man who has high integrity and discipline.

"This is a good basic capital (for Agus) with personal manners, sayings measurable, and have a vision that is needed by the citizens of Jakarta," said Romi.

While Sylviana rated as tough bureaucrats, academics, and activists of the organization and have the ability bureaucracy qualified.

Earlier, the coalition Cikeas pending Gerindra and PKS whether to join or carries its own candidate. Gerindra and MCC finally decided to carry a couple of candidates themselves.

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