Lost Phone at Train Connected 5,800 Km Friendship

Lost Phone at Train Connected 5,800 Km Friendship
Syahri Rochmat and how Noda got his lost smartphone illustrated
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JAKARTA - An old train shipped from Japan to Indonesia connected two men by chance. They should thanks to a smartphone which lost on the train.

Reported by Japan News, Shota Noda (21), a university student from Zama, Kanagawa Prefecture, lost his smartphone on the train while it was in operation in Japan.

The phone was found about 5,800 kilometers (3,600 miles) away in Jakarta and returned to Noda this summer, seven months after he lost it. Since then, Noda has promoted his friendship with Syahri Rochmat (24), Indonesian railroad employee who found the phone.

At a Jakarta port in late December last year, Rochmat, an engineer of the capital's metropolitan railway company (PT. KAI Commuter Jabodetabek), came across the smartphone when he was checking and cleaning the used train shipped from Japan before it runs in Indonesia.

The train used to operate on the JR Nanbu Line connecting Kawasaki Station with Tachikawa Station in Tokyo. When Rochmat removed a bench seat to check inside, he saw a smartphone fall to the floor. It had apparently been stuck between the seat back and the bench.

He also found a student identification card kept in the pocket of the smartphone case. It must have belonged to a Japanese person since the train came from Japan, but Rochmat could not read Japanese. So he posted a thumbnail photo of the ID card on Twitter asking tweeters to help find the man.

Rochmat is a Japanese railway enthusiast, even making T-shirts with prints of Japanese trains and wearing them at his workplace. He also has Japanese friends living in Asia. He tweeted in Indonesian, and his fellow rail fanatics found his tweet. One of them contacted the university Noda attends.

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