This Complete Results from PSSI Congress 2017

This Complete Results from PSSI Congress 2017
PSSI Congress at Bandung, Sunday (8/1)
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JAKARTA - The first congress of Indonesia Football Association (PSSI) under the stewardship of new Chairman, Edy Rahmayadi has produced several decisions regarding the agenda and schedule for the national team and commencement of soccer competition in this year.

As stated by the Deputy Chairman of PSSI, Joko Driyono, several decisions were taken, agenda of football competition in the highest caste (ISL), First Division, Liga Nusantara, youth (U-15), Soeratin Cup (U-17) and Pertiwi Cup.

Joko also said that number of teams that will be promotion and relegation at the end of the season is still to be determined.

"It may will be met with if the conditions are balanced," he said as quoted from
PSSI official website, Monday (9/1).

PSSI also plans to make significant changes regarding number of participants for First Division 2018 season.

"When 32 clubs registered to First Division in 2017 is planned to be trimmed to only 24 clubs in 2018
season. Later, from 24 clubs will be divided into two regions," explained Joko.

homeland football competition, PSSI congress at Bandung, Sunday (8/1) also discussed about preparation of Indonesia national team. However, PSSI is still busy with coach candidate list.

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