Olivier Knox: 'Human rights protect us and need protection in return'

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President of the White House Correspondent's Association Olivier Knox.

The association was awarded the 2017 DW Freedom of Speech Award:

"As America’s revolutionaries understood, freedom of speech and of the press are guarantors of freedom for the people. As one of our past presidents understood, America did not invent human rights – but human rights invented America. They protect us, but need our protection in return, which is why we must remain eternally vigilant against threats against a vibrant, free, independent, and even adversarial news media."

Knox's contribution is part of Deutsche Welle's #Article19ForAll project. The goal is to collect voices and opinions to mark the 70th anniversary of the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights and more specifically Article 19 which defined freedom of expression and access to information as basic human rights.

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