• More hot years ahead, study says

    While an extreme heat wave sweeps the globe this summer, a forecast by researchers brings little hope for cooling in the near future. There's a high chance it will be "anomalously warm" until at least 2022, they say.

  • Bangladeshs Zia fights for her political future

    Supporters of Bangladesh's embattled former premier Khaleda Zia are hopeful she will be released from prison and run for election at the end of the year. But political experts are less optimistic.

  • Denmark to build controversial German border fence

    Denmark is set to build a fence along the German border in an attempt to keep out swine flu. Critics say it won't work, harms wildlife and may only be a symbolic gesture to cater to farmers and anti-immigrant sentiment.

  • Happy Birthday, Tivoli!

    In the middle of Copenhagen's city center, one of Europe's most popular amusement parks, and the world's second oldest, is celebrating its 175th birthday. Copenhagen's Tivoli Gardens first opened in 1843.

  • Tourist trap and memorial: What is to become of Checkpoint Charlie?

    A visit to Berlin without going to Checkpoint Charlie would be inconceivable for most tourists. But the German division historical site has itself become a divisive place. Now a new concept is being discussed.

  • Land swap plan endangers Indonesias rainforest

    A proposal by the Indonesian government intended to prevent wildfires has been criticized by local environmental groups. The plan would give developers new land in exchange for restoring wetland destroyed by plantations.

  • Italy: Motorway bridge collapses over Genoa

    A motorway bridge, reported to reach around 50 meters over the northwestern city, has collapsed. Dozens of people have been killed and many other seriously injured, according to the authorities.

  • Swedish police have described the arson attacks on cars as "organized and prepared." They come amid growing concern over violence, which could benefit Sweden's anti-immigration Sweden Democrats in the upcoming election.

  • Democrats hope to mobilize Texas's growing Latino population to vote in November's midterm elections. The state is poised to send two Hispanic women to the national legislature for the first time ever.

  • Car ploughs into London pedestrians in suspected terror attack

    London police have arrested a man on suspicion of terrorism after he ploughed through pedestrians and cyclists in central London. The man eventually smashed his car into barriers outside the Parliament building.

  • Trump signs defense bill with weakened China measures

    The bill puts watered-down controls on US government contract with China's ZTE Corp and Huawei Technologies. Nevertheless, China has expressed concerns about new measures in the defense act.