• Yemens warring sides agree to swap thousands of prisoners

    The ICRC will have 10 days to arrange transfers of the prisoners under the deal signed by Houthi rebels and Yemeni government. The exchange is likely to include detainees held outside the country.

  • Madagascar votes in electoral battle between ex-presidents

    Polling stations in Madagascar have opened in a runoff presidential election that pits two former leaders — and rivals — against each other. Analysts have warned that the battle could revive instability in the country.

  • EU reaches agreement on single-use plastic ban

    A plan to ban single-use plastic products such as disposable plates and straws has been agreed. EU member states and the EU parliament still have to give the provisional agreement the go-ahead.

  • Two backpackers killed in Morocco, suspect arrested

    The women were found with their necks slashed near a popular hiking destination. The murders cast a dark shadow over Morocco's vital tourism industry.

  • Meet the German immigrant who made US electoral history in Georgia

    In her first run for office, German immigrant Angelika Kausche won a state House seat in Georgia. In a district where Democrats had earlier not even bothered to field a candidate, her victory made history.

  • Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel resigns after losing vote of confidence

    The Francophone liberal had previously said he would head a minority government after his largest coalition partners abandoned him 10 days ago. The fight began over Michel's decision to sign a UN migration pact.

  • Islamist threat lingers in Philippines despite Marawi victory

    The battle against "Islamic State" fighters turned Marawi into a ghost town. But more than a year after the Philippine government regained control, Islamic extremism remains a threat. Sandra Petersmann reports.

  • Opinion: Neo-Nazis in Germanys police — put out the fire

    It may just be the tip of the iceberg: a right-wing extremist murder threat, sent from a police fax machine in the western German city of Frankfurt. How the country reacts will be crucial, says DW's Michaela Küfner.

  • The Strasbourg shooter and the Polish musician who tried to stop him

    Five people died in the Strasbourg attack. Among them was a Polish musician who had spoken out in favor of a Europe without borders. Many people view him as a hero, others have criticized his liberal views on migration.

  • Trumps ex-security adviser Michael Flynn sentencing delayed

    The sentencing of Michael Flynn, US President Donald Trump's former national security adviser, has been postponed. Flynn pleaded guilty last year to lying to the FBI about his Russia contacts.

  • Africa's future will shape Europe's destiny, European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker has told a joint investment forum in Vienna. Austria's Sebastian Kurz urged Europe to take on China's head-start in Africa.