Piece Of The Story On The Veterans Day

Dream About You, The Queen Of Aceh Battle....

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SUMEDANG - Sumedang, 6 November 1908

That day.. December 11, 1906, Sumedang Regent, Prince Aria Suriaatmaja be attained three guests. All three are prisoners entrusted the Dutch government. An elderly woman, nearsightedness and suffered from gout, another burly man aged approximately 50 years and adolescents aged 15 years responsibilities. Although the three of them looked tired looks stoic. Shabby clothes were worn by women were the only clothes he had besides a rosary and a rice pot of clay.

Later, seeing the old woman was very devout, Prince Aria did not put him in jail, but chose a place at one home local religious leaders. To Prince Suriaatmaja, Netherlands goverment did not reveal who the woman was elderly patients with gout. Even until her death, 6 November 1908 Sumedang society never knew who she was.

Very long journey has taken her before finally rest in peace and be buried at Quail Mountain, not far from the city center of Sumedang. Who they know, because of poor health, old woman hardly ever leave the house. Her activities limited to recite dhikr or teaching mothers and local children who come to visit. Occasionally they brought clothes or just food in a polite old woman, who later because knowledge sciences called Mother Perbu religion.

At that time, no one expected when the woman they call Mother Perbu it is 'The Queen of Aceh Battle' of the Aceh War (1873-1904) named Tjoet Nyak Dien. Rencong lioness with hands that go directly to the battlefield. Uncompromising true hero who can not accept the regions colonized. 

Tjoet Nyak Dien last days was decorated by the silence and quiet. Far from his home and loved ones. Beautiful and intelligent little girl called Cut Nyak born of a noble family Lampadang devout in 1848. His father was Uleebalang named Teuku Nanta Setia, Minang descent migrants from West Sumatra to Aceh around the 18th century when the Aceh sultanate ruled by Sultan Jamalul Badrul Munir.

Growing up in an environment that holds a rigorous religious traditions make little girls Cut Nyak Dien be a smart girl. At the age of 12, she married with Teuku Ibrahim Lamnga which is a subsidiary of Uleebalang Lamnga XIII.

War atmosphere that clung atmospheric Aceh broke out when 1 April 1873, FN Nieuwenhuyzen notice the war against the Sultanate of Aceh. Since then wave after wave of invasion of the Netherlands to Aceh always successfully beaten back by the army of Aceh, and Tjoet Nyak certainly there. 

Among the dagger blow, the mighty battle cry of women and the blast, he also shouted burning spirit of the people of Aceh as Masjid Raya fell and burned the Dutch army ...

"..My people, all faithful people of Aceh !!! Look !! Watch with your eyes, our mosque burned!! ... we worship places destroyed!! .. They oppose God!! Listen to it! Never forget and never forgive the kaphe (infidels) Netherlands!! .. "Resistance Aceh not only in words (Szekely Lulofs, 1951: 59).

Aceh war is a story of courage, sacrifice and love for the land of birth. Likewise Tjoet Nyak Dien. With her father and her husband, every day .. every time is spent on war and the fight against kaphe-kaphe Netherlands. But the war also was the one that takes one by one person he loved, and her husband followed her father died in battle in Glee Tarom June 29, 1870.

Two years later, Tjoet Nyak Dien accept the Teuku Umar proposal by considerations of war strategy. Later, Teuku Umar was also killed in a sudden rush that made the Netherlands in Meulaboh, February 11, 1899.

But for Tjoet Nyak, the war against the Dutch was not confined to Teuku Umar, or Tengku Ibrahim Lamnga her husband, nor monopoly Teuku Nanta Setia his father, or the man Aceh .. War universe Aceh are the property of the people .. At least that shown Tjoet Nyak, he still organize attacks against the Dutch.

Years later, all the energy and thoughts princess was just devoted to war repel invaders .. Switching from one hideout to hideout to another, from one forest to another forest, lack of food and lack of medical care makes his condition deteriorated. Troops conditions also not different.

The army was getting weaker until when on 16 November 1905 Kaphe Netherlands stormed into his hideout .. Tjoet Nyak Dien and his forces were defeated. With age the aging, nearsightedness and sickly, Tjoet Nyak indeed could not do much. Rencong was almost useless for self-defense. Tjoet Nyak caught and brought to Koetaradja (Banda Aceh) and isolated in Sumedang, West Java.

Tjoet Nyak Dhien struggle raised sense of amazement from foreign historians. Many books that describe the greatness of this woman warrior. Zentgraaff said, women who are de leidster van het verzet (opposition leaders) against the Netherlands in the great war.

Aceh recognize Grandes Dames (ladies large) that plays an important role in various sectors, long before the western world brag about equality called emancipation.

Tjoet Nyak, "The Queen of Aceh Battle", mighty woman, the real heroes of the reality of his time .. ended deserted in the country side .. Innalillahi wainnailaihi rojiun .. We dream about you...Happy Veterans Day. (rnz)
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