German Embassy Flag Half Mast Signs Post Loss

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JAKARTA - JAKARTA- As a sense of deep sorrow on the passing of former German Chancellor, Helmut Schmidt, office of the German Embassy in Jakarta raising the half mast flag since yesterday. In German Embassy release, all Germany citizens said losing the Schmidt figure.

"Germany hold grief. The death of Helmut Schmidt made a deep sorrow for me.

We Germans have lost a father figure," said Foreign Minister Frank Walter Steinmeier (10/11)

Schmidt referred to as affected German with very deep. Various generations always look for and appreciate the thought and his autority until the end of his life in old age.

"Helmut Schmidt is not only the German Chancellor, he is a German mentor," said Steinmeier.

Schmidt also a leading globalization advances thinker. As the Hansa, he never wanted to think closed. He always saw Germany in stage Europe and Europe on the world stage.

"His vision of European integration is opening the way for the creation of a currency union and the economic regions in Europe. It's partnership with the French President Giscard d'Estaing was created in close exchanges among the most important industrial countries of the G7," he added.

Schmidt is also a realist Hansa person too. He understood, that the world can not be changed by the words intelligent and hope alone, but rather through work. Often, in times of oil crisis in the 70s, in the autumn of 1977 or at the time the German flood Hamburg in 1962, he managed to navigate the German state at the time the storm hit. 

"Our grief drawn to a democratic Germany, opening the way Europe and a global spirited. Helmut Schmidt is a statesman, until the last cigarette," he concluded. (rnz)
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