Taiwan Halal Applications Made in Indonesian Students

Taiwan Halal Applications Made in Indonesian Students
Halal restaurant at Taiwan /
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JAKARTA - Two Indonesian students create Android-based application program to help find halal products and services in Taiwan.

The work of Aris Kusumo Diantoro and Faisal Fahmi, both the Indonesian master programs
students at National Chiao Tung University (NCTU) Taiwan's, launched in Taipei.

"Currently, the knowledge of halal still low. Muslims who came to Taiwan will certainly feel worried about the food and the environment in Taiwan," said Aris derived from Sleman, Yogyakarta in Jakarta.

He hopes the application is given the name "Taiwan Halal" is able to overcome the problems experienced by Muslims, whether workers, students, and tourists who want halal products and services in the country nicknamed "Formosa" was.

"As Muslims, we should earnestly tries to follow the rules of kosher or illegitimate one product or service," said the teenager who is also active in the Special Branch Executive Nahdlatul Ulama (PCINU) Taiwan.

Aris realized many workers, students and tourists Muslims in Taiwan who often find it difficult to get their products and services according to Islamic law.

"Through this application, the Muslims in Taiwan later will get a lot of information about restaurants or halal places, hotels serve kosher, mosques and Muslim community in Taiwan. We hope the program can be accessed via mobile phone and the computer is able to guide them , "he said accompanied Faisal Fahmi from Cilacap, Central Java.

Faisal acting as programmer requesting input from the user that the application is getting closer to perfection in providing services and information regarding halal in Taiwan.
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