Halo-halo Bandung Not Original Song of Ismail Marzuki?

Halo-halo Bandung Not Original Song of Ismail Marzuki?
Halo-halo Bandung song illustrated
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JAKARTA - You already know the reputation of an legenda song writer Ismail Marzuki in creating songs of struggle that can inspire the souls of the fighters Indonesia. But do not be surprised, some song written by Ismail Marzuki suspected plagiarism results. How could that be?

"It is with regret that I was forced to call Ismail Marzuki has very serious defects regarding the originality of his work. E
xample songs  Kalau Anggrek Mulai Berbunga  has appeared in 78 RPM recordings in 1922. Sung Italian and Dutch-speaking musicians, the song appears when Ismail Marzuki was aged seven year," said Indonesian author, actor, and musician Remy Sylado, while speaking in Kongkow Bareng Menpora, Imam Nahrawi related Initiation exact Music Bank with the National Music Day celebrations in Jakarta, yesterday.

He continued, unfortunately, President Sukarno gave Charter Widajakusuma to Ismail Marzuki which openly specify the title song "Halo-halo Bandung" as the "creation" Ismail Marzuki.

"The song Halo-halo Bandung creation Lumban Tobing, a soldier Siliwangi who moved to the capital of Indonesia in Yogyakarta, and together with his platoon consisting of Batak and Kawanua return to Bandung singing this song. The story of the long march regarding the name Lumban Tobing paintings can be seen at the Museum at Jalan Siliwangi Military Command Lembong Bandung. Tobing and paramilitary troops killed Darul Islam / Islamic Army of Indonesia (DI / TII) around Garut," he explained.

Not without reason Remy back to reveal this to the public. He wants to go back to remind if copyright piracy musicians Indonesia is still a formidable adversary that must be resolved.

Remy even flicked a singer and musical
campursari artist, Didi Kempot who attended the event. Remy call if the songs are sung Cucak Rowo Didi also actually been performed by others.

"So.. I do not ever want to receive copyright royalties from the song. I calculated participated popularize the song,"
said Didi Kempot in same place respond Remy statement.

Rampant piracy and the lack of respect to the musicians to many western musical culture that threatens the authenticity of the domestic music is what eventually became the basis of the idea of

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