Choking, Chicken Eating Contest Participants Died

Choking, Chicken Eating Contest Participants Died
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JAKARTA - A 45 year old man was killed in a fast food place at Semanan region, Cengkareng, West Jakarta. Man named Fredy Jayadi died because choking chicken flour when the quick race meal at KFC Restaurant.

Unit Chief Criminal Cengkareng Police, AKP Ikhsan Taufik asserted, the incident began when the store fast food places that offer the man a gift Rp5 billion promised by his side.

"He was willing to accept this offer of fast food restaurants to eat five crispy chicken in five minutes," he said when confirmed, Friday (03/11).

However, after the third meal of chicken pieces, a man who lived in Jalan Angsoka Hijau V, Block R 27.07 Perum Kosambi Baru that was instantly choked.

Some store employees, said Taufik, then give first aid to provide water. However, victims are unconscious and was taken to a clinic in Husada Yasa, Pulo Indah, Duri Kosambi, Cengkareng.

"The lives could not be saved, the doctors declared him dead," he added.

After the incident, Taufik along with the Criminal Investigation unit has conducted an examination of five witnesses. Among them, the friend of the victim, an employee at a fast food meal, and other visitors.

"Our body was already brought to RSCM for an autopsy to find the cause of his death," added the former Chief Unit of West Jakarta Metro Police PPA's.

Separately, a KFC staff employee who declined to be named, confirmed the incident. But the 28 year old man was reluctant to explain in detail, including the cause of deaths due to eating fried chicken.

"Please confirm to central KFC," added the black-shirted man.

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