Deposit Rp250,000 Only.. His Account Suddenly 'Explodes'

Deposit Rp250,000 Only.. His Account Suddenly Explodes
Tomidy while saw ATM recipt / Tribunnews
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PEKANBARU - Oddities, Tomedy (32) a resident of Pangkalan Kerinci, Riau rich quick. Fill in the bank account suddenly filled his balance almost Rp 100 trillion in just two days.

Not known
yet what caused the bank accounts belonging to Tomedy that should not be up to Rp 500,000 exploded so Rp100 trillions. Whether there is a game hacker or because of a system error in the possession of Bank Mandiri branch offices Pangkalan Kerinci. This strange event itself has been reporting to the office of the Bank.

"For a while, my account was blocked first. They (the bank) also do not know how can happen like that, "said Tomedy.

The man who had worked as a journalist in one of the weekly newspaper tells the chronological account suddenly becomes 'fat'.

Initially on Tuesday (8/3) afternoon, he intends to deposit the money as much as Rp250,000 to his account. He
visited the the bank located at Lintas Timur (Jalintim) street, right next to Mapolsek Pangkalan Kerinci. Because long queues at the checkout counter, Tomedy dissuade and come to ATM with cash deposit services are in addition to the bank office.

Five bills in denominations of Rp50,000 he entered into the machine. Once the machine proceeds and the transaction is successful, receipt paper was out.

As usually, the wrapping paper was folded and inserted into the ATM small pouch in his wallet.
Without any suspicion, this single young man hurried go to home.

"At home, I idly saw receipts and I was surprised to see the final balance. If I may be honest, my money may be less than Rp500,000, " he explained.

He still keeps cash deposit
paper transaction receipts reached Rp999 million and sms baking nearly Rp100 trillion, which is sent from the number 3355 which is the number of SMS banking service of Bank Mandiri.

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