Do You Know... Batang Regent Salary Only Rp 6 Million

Do You Know... Batang Regent Salary Only Rp 6 Million
Regent of Batang, Yoyo Riyo Sudibyo (inzet: list of Yoyo monthly salary)
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BATANG - Want to know how the salary brought which get home in officials regent level? Government Batang, Central Java respond with Budget Festival exhibition on Sunday, March 13, 2016.

In this exhibition, the Regent of Batang, Yoyo Riyo Sudibyo opened the widest use of the local government budget that leads to the public. Regent which known eccentric displaying a list of his monthly salary with his deputy, Soetadi.
Yoyo and his deputy salary report displayed in an exhibition stand at the front. Stand it also contains photos and deputy regent on display, as well as campaign promises during his tenure as supreme leader in Batang. In a written report, the salary regents sebesat Rp6.649.358. The number complete with details of benefits earned during the month.

Yoyo their salary was also cut mandatory employee contributions. As pieces dues Social Security Agency of Health (BPJS), and income tax section 21 by the number Rp425.058. Total net salary Rp6.224.300 Yoyo in just a month.
While Soetadi salary writing Rp5.255.067 and must be cut to Rp322.567. So the net Soetadi salary Rp4.932.500.
Yoyo claimed the event was intended as a form of realizing its promise to the community.
"Before I was appointed, I promised to report my performance to the people openly. Budgets (budget revenue and expenditure) was the money of the people, so the people should know how much money they are, you want to wear anything. Even they can know my salary and how my meal budget ini a day," said Yoyo.
The enthusiasm of people look at the stand apparently very high. Some visitors even admitted surprise to see the amount of their salary each month their leader.
"I initially did not believe it. But it was found out that the regent small salary," said Arief (27), resident Banyuputih, Batang.
Arief and some relatives claimed to be curious to see the budget festival that was held in this second year. He was even very satisfied with the performance of government in which the absorption of the budget last year reached 90 percent.
"This proves that serious regent realize its promises first. Budgets for anything we can know," he explained.
In this exhibition, visitors can also see a number of stands along thematic complete with photos. Reports local budget allocation, the allocation of budgets ranging from infrastructure, public works, health, education, spatial planning, industry and trade, agriculture, animal husbandry, the apparatus of government, tourism, maritime affairs and fisheries.
Deputy Minister for State Apparatus Empowerment and Bureaucratic Reform (KemenPAN RB) Field of Public Service, Mirawati Sujono, highly appreciated the activity. According to him, the innovation of the festival is a manifestation of the seriousness of the government's budget, which is enviable by the central government and it can be replicated elsewhere.
"Other regions can learn to Batang. Mr Yoyo initiative held a forum to share the management of local government also should be appreciated," said Mirawati.

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