Persib Bandung Including 10 of The World Club

Persib Bandung Including 10 of The World Club
Persbib Bandung while celebrate the 83th anniversary (inzet: The Top Tens survey list)
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BANDUNG - Fuss over the freezing of PSSI is now heating up again, but forget for a moment all the fuss was with a good news. Persib Bandung victory in the event the President's Cup in 2015 and it brings positive results the club which nicknamed Maung Bandung.

Although the center is within FIFA sanctions, and events Presidents Cup in 2015 is not the official event recognized FIFA, but a survey conducted The Top Tens, a website based in the United States (US) put Maung Bandung success coupled with the teams top the world such as Barcelona, Real Madrid, Manchester United, Bayern Munich, Chelsea, Arsenal, AC Milan, Juventus and Liverpool.

Currently Persib Bandung is in ninth with a total of 4 percent of the vote, beating Liverpool in order to 10. At the top is Barcelona with a total of 14 percent of the vote.

What is also encouraging, Persib Bandung also had to be in order on the survey conducted The Top Tens with the acquisition of 44 percent of the vote. Why Persib Bandung can be in the top spot?

As one of the clubs that have fanatical supporters in the world and most are in the social media plus master fanaticism football fans in Indonesia, Persib Bandung became one of the best in the world according to a survey of fans.

Is Persib Bandung achievement just end there? The answer is no! Will their pride football stadium, Bandung Lautan Api Gelora Stadium (GBLA) was also ranked at the top with the acquisition of 22 per cent. This figure could still change considering this is a survey that assessed based on the votes of the fans.

Believe it or not, with the inclusion of Persib Bandung and stadium GBLA in a row the best clubs and the best stadiums of the world, making the world's attention focused on Indonesian football. Actually a series of this achievement can be a reflection of how the actual football Indonesia should be raised and not merely reap the long-running conflict. Go ahead Indonesian football !!

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