Army Heli Crash, Wirabuana Military Commander Leads Rescue Directly

Army Heli Crash, Wirabuana Military Commander Leads Rescue Directly
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POSO - Thirteen personel Indonesian National Army (TNI), including the Commander of Korem 132 / Tadulako Col. Inf. Saiful Anwar died in the crash of the military helicopter in the Kasiguncu village, Poso, Central Sulawesi on Sunday (20/3) evening, at approximately 18:55 pm.

Head of Information Kodam VII / Wirabuana, Colonel I Mae Sutia mention bad weather causes  army helicopter
Bell 412 EP No. HA-5171 crashed in the village of Kasiguncu, Poso.

"For a while so," he said Sunday (20/3) night.

He said the members of the military who were on the plane was running a routine task in Poso in relation to the joint police operation Tinombala.
From the information gathered in Palu mention Army helicopter that was on a flight from the village Watutau, District Central Lore, toward the city of Poso, but crashed on a farm in the hamlet Petirebajo society, Kasiguncu village, Poso Pesisir around 17.45 pm.

This helicopter carrying 13 military personnel namely Danrem 132 / Tadulako Colonel Saiful Anwar, Kapenrem Mayor Faki, Captain Yanto (doctor), Colonel Heri and Col. Ontang (BIN) and Prada Kiky (submissions commander), while the crew is Captain General (Pilot) , Lt. Wiradhy (co-pilot), Lieutenant Tito (co-pilot), Sergeant Good (mechanical), Serda Karmin (mechanical), and Private First Class Risen (avionics).

According Sutia, all the bodies were evacuated to a nearby hospital, but the other information obtained Antara, the convoy of ambulances carrying the bodies of the fallen members of the military is moving toward Palu.

Wirabuana Military Commander, Agus Surya Bakti directly lead  the evacuation. 

"I'm concentrations evacuation. Sorry can not give detailed info," said Agus.
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