Opsss...There Eggplant at Cell Women Prison

Opsss...There Eggplant at Cell Women Prison
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MALANG - The number of drug trafficking in the Penitentiary (Prison) made the National Narcotics Agency (BNN) intensified raids are conducted.

A unique incident occurred while BNN, the police and the military conducted sweeps lockup Women Prison Class 2A Sukun, Malang, last week. The drug was not found,  but they instead find eggplant hidden under a mattress in a cell.

"We find that big eggplant inmates kept under the mattress, in block five," said one officer.

Of the five blocks are checked, the officer find items such as nails, glass, wood glue and drugs. However, enough to invite a question mark is why until the eggplant in the cell. Whereas, in the cell, the inmates not allowed cooking.

"Jointly controlled officers found the items that should not be there in the cell such as nails, drugs, glue and eggplant. The drugs include cough syrups and headache. Stay here should not be because there's already a doctor," said Malang Deputy Police Chief (Wakapolres Malang), Commissioner Dewa Putu Eka who participated in the raid.

Head Malang Women's Prison, Ngatirah said he would investigate why the items were in a cell.

"Especially spikes. Maybe the goal to create a shirt on the wall, still it should not because it is forbidden," he said.

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