Collect Rp700,000 One Day, This Beggar's from Resides Family

Collect Rp700,000 One Day, This Beggars from Resides Family
Ade Cahyono, rich beggar from Banjar, West Java / Sindophoto
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BANJAR - Two days ago, Banjar municipal police (Satpol PP) be surprised when performing operations Bhakti Praja which targeting beggars, vagrants and street singers in around Banjar city, West Java.

From five beggars who often hung in the center of the crowd in Banjar, one of them, Ade Cahyono (26), earning Rp700,000 per day from begging. In fact he had savings in the
saving and loan cooperative with nominal Rp19.000.000.

Banjar municipal police unbelievable shock after Ade interrogated and searched. At that time, he brought the money Rp2.000.000 which have not been saved and stored in a bag, as well as coins from begging that day amounting to Rp300,000.

"This is the first time in this Banjar we get beggars with having lots of money, this rich
beggars. Of course we will followed and we give guidance," said Kasatpol PP Banjar, Yayan Herdiaman.

After some investigation, Ade actually comes from the resides
family. His family had a stall at Pasar Banjar. Cause bankrupt, men who have physical eventually become beggars.

"She's begging in one year. Previous frequently clay selling in the market," said Dadang, trader in Pasar Banjar.

Further Dadang, before bankrupt, Ade diligently to help parents trade in the market.

Ade himself admitted, money which collected for build a house. 

Actually, begging is the last step of Ade to survive. He previously had applied to various companies. However, the man who graduated from high school in Banjar must swallow a bitter taste because his condition were disabled from birth.

"Now I rent a room, I want to live independently. If I've got land, build a house and stay stalls reopen for business, not begging anymore," he concluded.

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