This Couples Eating Lizards for Survive

This Couples Eating Lizards for Survive
Tarsono and Triyani /JPNN
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TEGAL - Indeed, the man is a former police auxiliary (Banpol) at the Tegal police station, Central Java. But now, his fate not not sided with him. Initially, originally Tarsono (38) and Triyani (19) stayed in Jalan Proklamasi No. 8 RT 7 RW 10 Tegalsari Village, Tegal Barat District, Tegal.

But in 2000, the house occupied by extended family was burned out. Post fire, Tarsono not have a place to stay again and sickly.

It's been more than two months, they both lived under bridges
Kali Cenang that are on the north coast. However, because under the bridge submerged in the tide of the Java Sea, they both were staying in huts belonging Surip pond at the border Purwahamba village with Suradadi village, which is still under Kali Cenang bridge.

Now Tarsono middle herpes. Her whole body was itching and reddening and some outer skin began to peel. Because of his illness was, Tarsono could not work. He and his wife, relying only on foods that are around the hut. Quite often if hunger can not be eat again, he ate lizards and drinking freshly squeezed sugar cane from farmers who have started harvesting.

"We dont have money for treatment, for eat sometimes
we have to fast because there was nothing to eat," said Tarsono in tears as reported from JPNN.

When mentioned about the future he and his wife, with tears in her eyes, she could only answer with a sigh. Because, to eat today he did not know where to look for, especially if asked a future that can not be gone through.

"Now my health condition continued to deteriorate due to not being able to seek treatment, even, my wife also started to catch herpes because here there is no water to take a shower," he said.

While his wife, Triyani, has a story that is no less sad. Before meeting her husband about a year ago, he lived vagrancy and begging around Tegal.

Finally, she met her husband who felt pity and finally they both decided to get married. Since the husband did not have a permanent residence, their lives moving from one place to another just to take shelter from the sun and rain until they occupy under the bridge.

Luckily, when a citizen who feels pity and told them to stay while in the shack under a bridge. Conditions like these make her husband's illness is getting worse, so Tarsono can not work. Several times he tried to ask for help for treatment, but the location that she occupied and ID cards they were both different origin. 

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