In Kartini Day, Women Youngest Director be Awarded

In Kartini Day, Women Youngest Director be Awarded
Natasha Dematra and Tears of Ghost
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JAKARTA - Kartini Day in 21 April 2016 yesterday lively by young directors achievements of women. American Movie Awards announced Natasha Dematra, director of women from Indonesia was awarded Best Newcomer Director in 2016 through the film Tears of Ghost.

With the election of Natasha, he broke the record as the first Asian woman director has successfully achieved the festival since it was established from 1980.
This achievement feels very special to remember the festival is a festival bengengsi which has been honoring the big names of Hollywood such as Steven Spielberg through the film Raiders of the Lost Ark was awarded Best Director, Meryl Streep (The Deer Hunter), Jane Fonda, Burt Reynolds, Clint Eastwood, Robert Duvall, Henry Fonda (On Golden Pond), Katharine Hepburn (On Golden Pond), Sally Field and Warren Beatty.

Earlier in 2015, Natasha's father, Damien Dematra was awarded the best director of the event. Natasha said it was pleased and proud of this achievement.

"I dedicate this award to women around the world, especially Indonesia. I hope this award can inspire all women to continue to work and inspire an entire generation. I also hope that this award discrimination on gender differences between men and women can be wiped away," he said.

Natasha is also selected as Kartini 'now era' by one national magazine formerly known as the director of Women's Youngest In The World by MURI and also Royal World Records and also the Ambassador of the International Women, actress films, and singers who had received an award from Global Music Awards in 2015 last.
Tears of Ghost own movie is a movie made Natasha is currently 15 years and was completed two years later or when the age of 17 years. This film has araound world since June 2015 to various international festivals.

Until now, the film has won dozens of international awards from the Award of Merit for the best film of one of the festival in San Francisco, 4 international awards from Global Independent Film Awards, Award filmmakers Best Award of Recognition from Accolade Global Competition, 2 Awards of depth of Field Festival, Choice Gold Award from the Oregon Internastional Film Awards, three Awards for the category of Best Main Actor, Best Editor, Best Director of the International Independent Film Awards and many others.

The film is about a young architect who is working on a college project through a half-finished new house and it saves a lot of dark secrets, starring by Natasha Dematra, Pagitha Ross, Roman Dman, Novitasari, Ageng Kiwi, Herdi Good, Abah Ukam, Rona Aronna, Dino R. Payapo etc.
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