Died Mysteriously, This Man Genital Bitten by the Beast?

Died Mysteriously, This Man Genital Bitten by the Beast?
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SIMALUNGUN - A strange incident occurred in Nagori Bayu Bagasan, Tanah Jawa, Simalungun, North Sumatera on Saturday (28/5). Elderly cohabiting couples, Muhidin Sinaga (60) and Rosmaida Marbun (50) was found dead in half naked.

Muhidin's body was found in no genitals. This man's crotch was only hole. While in Rosmaida's body was found blue bruises on the left side of the neck.

The couple first discovered with elementary school (SD) child who come to buy shampoo in the stall once belonged to the couple's home. At that time, that child are calling from outside the house many times, but no answer.

When the door opened, this child surprised to see residents of the house, Muhidin and Rosmaida stretched out on a mattress in middle room. That children were immediately notified to the other residents. Shortly, Tanah Jawa police officers arrived at the scene.

Peculiarities of this couple's death make family requested Muhidin and Rosmaida bodies autopsied to determine the cause of death of both. In the evening, around 22:45 pm, both of bodies arrived at the forensic room dr Djasamen Saragih Pematangsiantar hospital.

Ali Sadar Sinaga, nephew of Muhidin said Muhidin and Rosmaida a cohabiting couple. Muhidin was year had abandoned with first wife Dina Opusunggu Boru (59).

"The results of cohabiting, they have three kids. And from the first wife Muhidin has six children and seven grandchildren. Already his first wife separated," said Ali.

From results of autopsy conducted by dr Djasamen Saragih Pematangsiantar hospital mentioned if hole in the crotch is impact of animal bites.

"There were traces of animal bites. And from bodies had raised little maggot," said a forensic room attendant.

Tanah Jawa police chief, Commissioner J Sejahtera Sembiring said investigators still studying cause of death of this spouse.

"Until now we are still investigating," said Sembiring.

He added, though crime scene, officers found home not in a disheveled condition.

"In crime scene was no
fall apart condition in home. Both were found dead side by side in the living room," he said.

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