Negative Ion, Urban Health Solutions

Negative Ion, Urban Health Solutions
Anion or negative ions
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JAKARTA - Routines of urban communities with lack of time to exercise, make the quality of health declined. This condition is getting worse due to the consumption of nutritious foods are not considered.

Dr. Dessy Hendro Guyanto, Co-Founder at Geriatric Clinic view, today's urban society have to be smart search needs of their healthy lifestyle. Currently, Dessy said, many people of the city to hunt the content of negative ions or anions to be carried everywhere.

"Anion is a negatively charged ion formed by neutral atoms. When the atoms attract one or more orbital electrons, negative ions which was formed," she explained.

It sounds strange thing, but it turned out if negative ions can neutralize disease. Dessy explained, the human body consists of positive and negative ions. The function of the electron inside and outside the cells have tremendous influence to the human body.

"We breathe negative ions through breathing and skin, and carried through the blood to the entire body," she said.

After that, he continued, the negative ions prevent blood acidity that occurs due to a lot of lost electrons. Being in an environment of high levels of negative ions, will increase the body's immunity and resistance to disease.

"The more negative ions in the blood will make the process of metabolism to be efficient. The more positive ions will reduce the efficiency of cellular metabolism, and the body will become weak and easily hurt," she said.

Dessy added, the most important benefits of negative ions is to help freshen and purify the air polluted by allergens such as pollen, dust, mold spores, animal dander which usually contain positive ions.

Negative ions are also useful for killing germs in the air. In addition, negative ions also help lift the mood, dealing with depression, depressive disorders because of the season (seasonal effective disorder).

"In fact, in some studies, negative ions had been used to calm patients who have severe pain," she continued.

She recalled, in China precisely in Guangxi province, there is a village named Bama. This village became one of the five villages in the world with the highest population of the oldest old.

"Many people in the village of Bama aged 85-104 years," he said.

Lies the secret, in addition to their healthy lifestyle, negative ion content in the villages is quite high, around 400-1000 in every cc of air.

"Levels of the negative ions generated from the clear nature, forests, and the air is good," she continued.

This trend is now being circulated in the urban community. Some industries now create objects with high negative ion content.

"So they took everywhere, like to the office and to the mall to get the anion intake," she explained.

Bambang Muliana, CEO of L
iveWell Global added, he was interested to develop the negative ions. According to him, the current urban population is difficult to run a healthy life.

"With the product contains negative ions, they no longer bothered," he said.

will plan innovating new health products with high levels of negative ions to 4,000.

"With the high levels of negative ions, it is believed the benefits would be much more pronounced," he concluded.
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