Passed with Bribing, This Police Finally Resign

Passed with Bribing, This Police Finally Resign
Post which contains the confession of a policeman by account @Joekhana on Instagram
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JAKARTA - Post which contains the confession of a policeman who gets his due as a bribe and eventually chose to resign because fear of not being a blessing and received guidance stir the netizen.

The recognition was posted by account
@Joekhana on Instagram, recently.

"The beauty of guidance," wrote Joekhana to include two photo collages while he was wearing a police uniform on the left side.

And the right side of the photo that displays the current amendments were wearing koko and all white turban complete with sideburns.
Joekhana then add the photo caption.

"The work we get by haram way (bribes), will never bring a blessing."

"It could even lead us to negligence and disobedience. For the love of God to me. Allah give guidance to leave the uniform that I can in not kosher

"And now God my concern in the case of religion and proselytizing. Thank you for this sweet guidance," he wrote.

Passed with Bribing, This Police Finally Resign

Two contrasting picture with this caption successfully made lively comments from netizens.
3507, there were 781 users like and comment on Instagram.

Crowded netizens praised the police policy that it provides inspiration.

"Touching bro, the first time to stress frustration can not go because I do not want to became Polwan with bribe way. Thank God I now realize that other jobs that better already, prepared by God for me," commented @mitakusumasari account.

"God willing, many will be aware of how much harm sustenance from the bribery," said accounts @diditnugraha_

Although there are praising the Joekhana choice, but there are also netizens react with another that is to say if the bribe in Indonesia is still there and this is the proof.

"So it's true that corruption still exists. If all the police like this can be deprived people on the outs all," commented account @waa.hiied.
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