When Ridwan Kamil Face 'Thrown' by Sandal

When Ridwan Kamil Face Thrown by Sandal
Ridwan Kamil when 'thrown' by refree sandal which posted in his Instagram and Facebook account
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BANDUNG - Indonesia 71st anniversary celebration in Bandung on Wednesday (17/8) tinged dramatic events. A sandal 'throw' drop in to face the mayor, Ridwan Kamil. How come?

This incident occurred when the man who familiarly called Kang Emil with his wife, Atalia Praratya and ranks the Bandung municipal government participated in various competitions which held at Jalan Taman Hewan, RW 8 Lebak Siliwangi, Coblong subdistrict, Bandung.

When the tug of war that followed his wife and of wives of heads of agencies, Kang Emil stood in the midst of mine who trampled by the referee. When blowing the whistle for started race, automatically referee lifted his foot which stepped on the mine.

Whether because of the referee so spirits when lifted his leg, or due to the effects of the mine tug by participants, sandal which used be detached and flew right into the Kang Emil face who was in front of the referee. As a result, yellow sandals was stopped to the face of number one in the city of Bandung. Until making sunglasses which worn Kang Emil was released.

This hilarious moment was caught on camera and uploaded by Kang Emil in his Facebook and Instagram. And in his Instagram, Emil Kang write if the sandal were eager to talk to her.

"When the referee sandal tug invites stray and desperate to talk," wrote Kang Emil.

Kang Emil posting certain to attract netter comment. Not a few netizens who revealed laugh toned stunned his expression.

"Wkwkwk, it really fits the picture. His expression make vows out loud," added one of netter.

"And sandals not invites to talk but want to smell the forehead, wkwkwk," comments the other netter.

"Ha ha ha ha ... and sandal can fly, really fans and want selfie equally Kang Emil. Wkwkwkwk," wrote account @Zhalni Zha. celebration of Indonesia independence day this year, Kang Emil and his wife follow a number of races. He also called on all heads of departments and staff joined with residents to follow the race. Various competitions were held, ranging from crackers eating contest, tug of war until clogs racing.

Competition eating crackers became the first race followed by Ridwan Kamil and the ranks of city government officials, including Deputy Mayor, Oded M Danial, Managing Director of PD Cleanliness (Kebersihan) Deni Nurdiana, Assistant 1 Priana Wirasaputra, Coblong Subdistrict Head Anton Sugiana.

When Ridwan Kamil Face Thrown by Sandal
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