What?? There's Beautiful Number Worth Rp1.2 Billion

What?? Theres Beautiful Number Worth Rp1.2 Billion
Daniel Remote, initiator Indonesia Beautiful Number Community (KNCI)
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JAKARTA - Previously, you'd never imagine if a phone number is worth more than Rp1 billion. But this is really happening in  Meet and Great arena 4th National Jamboree Indonesia Beautiful Number Community (KNCI) in Ancol, Jakarta.

"There is a beautiful number that is sold with fantastic value that is Rp1.2 billion. O
wner of that number is member KNCI . The story, after bargaining with the buyers, agreed price is Rp1.2 billion," said Daniel Remote, initiator KNCI on the sidelines KNCI Jamboree, Sunday (21/8).

He told, initially beautiful number was obtained Deddy N1, the seller of this beautiful number of mobile operators through the auction. After haggling, Deddy finally agreed to sell it to a collector who is also a beautiful number of national entrepreneurs. But that number requested
confidential to maintain their privacy by the buyer who has 3,000 vanity numbers are collected.

In the process of buying and selling this beautiful number there is agreement in black and white, but not wearing a notarial deed.

"Sale and purchase beautiful number is essentially mutual trust alone. Most only a receipt, so no formal. For tens of millions do not wear any agreement. So often did not wear transaction receipts," explain Daniel

When the beautiful number acceptable, can test by way miss call. Then will the listed numbers in the phone screen. Fit, then the money will be transferred to the buyer the seller. It's that simple," he explained.

He hopes their valuable of
expensive beautiful numbers will popularize KNCI existence further.

"Thank for all those who helped this event. I also hope that make
increasingly popular beautiful numbers community," said Daniel.

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