Subhanallah... This Boarding School Untouched Garut Flash Floods

Subhanallah... This Boarding School Untouched Garut Flash Floods
Salafi Al-Qodar boarding school, Garut
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GARUT - Garut grieving now, flash floods and landslides hit a number of areas in Garut sub district on Tuesday due to the overflowing Cimanuk river, which was a result of heavy rainfall.

It is reported that 23 people were pronounced dead and hundreds of housing units were ruined due to the natural disaster.

However, in between devastated buildings and infrastructure, there is one building that is located on the lip of  Cimanuk river but completely untouched the flood.

The building is a Salafi Al-Qodar boarding school. Conveniently located just 10 meters from Cimanuk river, precisely in Kampung Lebak Siuh, Village Muara Sanding, Garut Kota subdistrict.

Although the flow of flood hit the surrounding area, the boarding remained firm stand. Even the bridge connecting the boarding school and the swift water eroded the road collapsed.

"Thanks to help of Allah SWT, our schools are not touched by the flood disaster from Cimanuk river," said the founder and leader of Pondok Pesantren Al-Qodar, KH. Abdul Qadar Rusman in Garut, Wednesday (21/9).

Abdul Qodar appealed to the citizens of Garut and surrounding see the calamity that befell the middle must be addressed wisely, because these are some of the signs of Allah enormous

"God is admonishing us, and certainly there is a silver lining. That we care about nature, especially to maintain and preserve the environment, reforestation for keep forests lush," said Abdul Qodar.

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