'Bajaj Man' Still Thinking for Leave His Son in Social Homes

Bajaj Man Still Thinking for Leave His Son in Social Homes
Riwahyudin (54) and his son, Muhammad Irwan alias Amat (11) when living ini bajaj for dozen years
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JAKARTA - Dozens years living in the three-wheeler vehicle (bajaj), the Jakarta Social Welfare (Dinsos) suggest Riwahyudin (54) entrusts his son, Muhammad Irwan alias Amat (11) in the social institutions. Even so, the man now known as bajaj man was admitted still thinking about it.

"Thank you for the offer. I am also surprised, because suddenly, I still confused as well. While I thinking first. What is given is still I think about it. I have not been able to determine," said Riwahyudin in
Jakarta Social Welfare Office, Tuesday (27/9).

The main reason for invites a consideration of the child living in his bajaj is worried that in spite of supervision, Amat will be affected by a bad neighborhood.

"Once I
rent while he two years age, even left home. I'm so worried if this child in outside, and he freedom. Come along with theft, drugs, smoking," he explained.

Riwahyudin admitted that he had already received assistance in the rented house at Tanah Tinggi, Central Jakarta. There was someone from one of the community organizations provide such assistance arrives.

"Now I'm rented. There are people who call me. Finally I was told to find a rented. Equally looking for, and get rent house in Tanah Tinggi 12, RT 01 RW 12. Paid up to one year," said Riwahyudi.

In response, the Head Jakarta Social Welfare, Masrokhan convey, it would still take care of educational facilities for Amat, although Riwahyudin not received an offer to stay in a Social Homes.

"Help KJP (Jakarta Smart Card) and other facilities. For clothing we provide uniforms. In the future, if it has not decided stay, just see first the facility. Have a look at our homes," said Masrokhan.
Bajaj Man Still Thinking for Leave His Son in Social Homes
As is known, together with Amat Riwahyudi used to live in a bajaj that hung in the Cikini Station, Central Jakarta. Amat who went to school at SDN 05 Gondangdia, Central Jakarta, just entered the school and sat in the 1st grade.

As a single parent, Riwahyudi feel a great responsibility in caring for the child. Moreover, since 2006, he left his wife and no relatives to turn to for help.

"Around 2006 or 2007 he had a business in a bajaj driver. I take it until he understood the conditions of his father. His mother died. The age of one year his mother blurred used the same to another man. Her child is left behind. Two or thirds year I got word she dead," he said.

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