With The Autism Natasha Wins Best Actress

With The Autism Natasha Wins Best Actress
Natasha Dematra
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JAKARTA - Film and Indonesia actress be international achieved again. This time, Depth of Field International Film Festival which takes place in US gives title of Best Actress to Natasha Dematra through I'M STAR movie.

The movie which directed and produced by her father, Damien Dematra is played directly by teenagers with special needs are also I'M STAR
band personel: Arya, Abhy, Ervitha, and Shinta. This film seeks to bring the message that nothing is impossible.

Film which use
English language as introduction language is made with a social purpose which tells about struggle of young people with special needs attend at regular school and accepted in society.

The Ministry of Education itself has supported this by issuing the regulation that would allow for Children with Special Needs (ABK) is acceptable and mingle in a regular school.

Depth of Field Representatives International Film Festival, based in the state of Delaware see Natasha acting that contribute directly to teens with special needs feels very real and touching. It is this which is the basis of the award given to him.

For film I'M STAR, dozens of awards have been achieved, including; Grand Jury Award from the Colorado International Film Festival (Champion); Awards of Excellence in the category of long films (feature films) and the main female lead (leading actress) for Natasha Dematra as Mella, and Awards of Merit in the directing category for Damien Dematra of Global Accolade Film Competition, California, USA; Gold Award for Natasha Dematra (as Mella) in the main female actor category and the Silver Award in the directing category for Damien Dematra of the International Independent Film Awards (IIFA) Los Angeles, USA.

In 2013, I'M STAR won three awards from Indie Fest (2013) in the USA, as long story best movie and best actress (Natasha Dematra) and best screenplay (Damien Dematra).

In Indonesia , I'M STAR selected as one of the films shown in the Unthinkable APEC Film Festival 2013 to serve alongside other films from APEC countries. The film also had diekshibisikan in exhibition movie MIPCOM in Cannes, France, and the American Film Market (AFM) in Los Angeles, USA in 2012 and brighten the teachers after playing in front of about 10,000 teachers in DKI Jakarta from kindergarten up to high school in May 2012 in Smesco Convention Hall.

I'M STAR personel (Arya, Abhy, Ervitha, and Shinta) has also been accepted and appeared by Mrs Ani Yudhoyono at the State Palace in commemoration of World Autism Day Care, 2014.
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