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When Ghost Became Promising Entertainment Business Again

When Ghost Became Promising Entertainment Business Again
Ki Prana Lewu with his 10 of archipelago ghost at 'Goa Sesat Sarang Siluman'
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DEPOK - Depok Town Square (Detos) Mall, that afternoon was suddenly filled with screams hysterically visitors. After some investigation, it turned out, a group of ghost walks in the middle of the mall.

But do not fear yet, the ghosts that are part of the paranormal
attraction, Ki Prana Lewu (KPL), which opening a new business form of performances are packed in a haunted house called 'Goa Sesat Sarang Siluman' (GS3).

Actually, business like this has been done by the others, but GS3 is different. This haunted house rides exciting adrenaline with Ghost Game concept. Participants who go into the haunted house is not just log in and out just like that, but participants must find key for get out. And each room which into by participants had levels of difficulty and different eeriness.

"There are 10 of archipelago
ghost like Genderuwo, Buto Ijo, Kuntilanak, Pocong, Sundel Bolong, Psychopaths, accident victim, sinden ghost and idiot ghost . In fact, they are cast of theater which we practiced in such a way, plus special effects like in films for more liven of mystery. But sorry, if later in that house met with more than 10 ghost types, possibility there being other ghost that followed," said Ki Prana Lewu at Detos Mall when opening a G3S, recently.

This show scheduled to attend one month starting from October 15, 2016 at Detos
Mall. After that, it will also come to some malls in other cities.