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69 Terror Attacks at Seventen Years

69 Terror Attacks at Seventen Years
Sarinah bomb attacked
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JAKARTA - National Counterterrorism Agency (BNPT) recorded 69 terror attacks between 1999 and 2016 in Indonesia.

"Most of the terror attacks targeted vital objects and public places like in western countries," BNPT Deputy Chief for Prevention, Protection and Deradicalization, Major General Abdul Rahman Kadir said in Jakarta on Wednesday (19/10).

Addressing a function to familiarize the public with a blueprint for the protection of the agency, he said terrorism not only threatens the state sovereignty but also claims lives and inflicts material losses.

He said terrorism is actually oriented to massive media coverage with public places as its target.

"This is visible from the targets of terror acts including public places and vital objects. This way the terror acts would be covered and disseminated massively so they will lead to widespread scare in the public," he said.

He added, to anticipate various threats of terror acts in the future, the BNPT felt it necessary to launch the blueprint for the protection of the agency.

So far the country has no had official guide which may serve as a reference in its effort to protect objects which are vulnerable to terror acts.

"It is likely that each government or private agency has had guide but there has not been special guide to dealing with terrorism threat," he said.