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See Why This Car Salesman Chose to Become Meatball Traders

See Why This Car Salesman Chose to Become Meatball Traders
This car sales life before and after be meatball trader
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BEKASI - A car salesman chose to become itinerant meatball traders. What is the reason this man left his old job and move into a trader away from his previous work.

Reporting from Saptuari Sugiharto
Facebook Groups, sales initially named Bahtiar have good life while working at a car dealership. Every time someone comes to buy, he always tried to direct choose a credit system so that he can get a big bonus.

"If I sell a car cash, bonus for me is only Rp250 thousand to Rp1 million for one car. But if I can sell by credit system, he can get credits
bonus Rp5-6 million for one car. Where money is it? From provision of the loan, greater debt, greater its provisions. Greater bonuses for its sales. How not confused the consumer, provision was outside car loan interest. Already bought a car loan, pay principal, pay interest, pay provisions too," said Bahtiar to Saptuari.

It is conceivable, if it can sell five cars just in one month, then
Bachtiar gotten bonus reached Rp25 million.

However, Bahtiar feel that the money he had received as a car salesman really not a blessing. The wife was often warned about the dangers of usury.

After searching for the info, one of the
Saptuari Facebook groups, Bachtiar increasingly aware that what he was doing during the sales there in the contract who fight Allah and his Messenger. He also felt frightened by the threat of Allah.

Having decided to quit his job, he swerved into a meatball trader in Cibitung, Bekasi. This decision supported his wife. Bahtiar selling meatballs sharing system with a colleague who made meatballs.

After about two months of walking, it teaches Bahtiar colleagues how to make meatballs with reason to be self-sufficient. As a result he can now make and sell their own meatballs.

From this new venture, Bahtiar have profit Rp200 thousand in one day. Although smaller than his salary in advance, but he admitted his heart was so quiet because it does not encourage people to go into debt.

Bachtiar feel the current situation is the answer to God for those who want to emigrate and found that the provision of God is very broad, as stated in the Quran surah An-Nisa verse 100.

"Those who emigrated in the way of Allah shall find in the earth a comprehensive migration and in abundance." (Surah An Nisa 100).