Social Media Became Top Picks for Young Lex?

Social Media Became Top Picks for Young Lex?
Young Lex at his Instagram account
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JAKARTA - Development of technology and digitalization has penetrated all facets of life no doubt make performers including musicians also have a medium other than the conventional media to pour their works. Then, will the artists will abandon the conventional media in the publication of their works?

"There is a difference between social media (socmed) and conventional media. Socmed to those who want to know about Young Lex, bound directly to my socmed. If conventional media reaching all the people who do not know and who also knew about Young Lex," said hip-hop singer, Young Lex in Jakarta, Thursday (27/10).

The singer who just release a new single featuring Gamaliel titled Slow known to be very active release his work in socmed and the response from the fans is also very enthusiastic indeed meet all its socmed space. He also nominee at Indonesia Social Award 2016.
Social Media Became Top Picks for Young Lex?
Meanwhile, friends of Young Lex duet, Gamaliel also have an opinion that is not much different.

"Clearly, in the socmed is free. There are also young people would be more motivated. If you enter the conventional media should already have work. In socmed can learning, if in conventional media can't," said Gamaliel.

Clearly, socmed such as Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Line and others should be interpreted as an expression or a stage show or creative work. If  popular and can make money, it is part of a bonus for diligence and creativity.

However, remember that conventional media such as television, radio, print and online, will remain the documentation that must not be ruled out for the record the history of his artistic career.

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