Mapping Forest and Land Fires, APP Sinar Mas Use This

Mapping Forest and Land Fires, APP Sinar Mas Use This
Situation Room Asia Pulp & Paper (APP) Sinar Mas for early detection of fires.
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JAKARTA - Detection of early forest and land fires to prevent fires wider through the monitoring of hotspots in heat prone areas are not enough without field preparedness team as well as transportation and fire extinguishers are adequate.

Hotspots can be analyzed in real time by utilizing the technology of Geographic Information System (GIS) where hotspots data obtained from sources such as National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) can be filtered, so that only show the specific location of the hotspots in Indonesia only.

The data also can be configured to display hotspot information per day to determine the trend of the spread of fires within a certain period. The function of this analysis can be done in a variety of applications both desktop and mobile gadgets.

GIS technology is implemented by Asia Pulp & Paper (APP) Sinar Mas Forestry is technology that is widely used by the military, law enforcement agencies, and smart cities in the world.

"With this intelligent mapping technology, APP Sinar Mas has a much better ability to detect and forest and land fires anticipate," said CEO of Esri Indonesia, A. Istamar.

Initiatives that maximize the latest GIS technology integrates data in real time from Living Atlas database belongs to Esri with a map of the concession area of the company.

"This new system supports the new data center for APP Sinar Mas, the Situation Room Center APP Sinar Mas. The aim of this data center to store geospatial information regarding disaster management and territories for early detection of fires in the response forest and land fires, and is the first in Indonesia owned by the private sector," continued Istamar.

Thus, APP Sinar Mas can more effectively identify the location of hotspots of forest fires within 24 hours, as well as evaluating the actions which needed by fire fighting team in handling the fire.

Meanwhile, GIS Consultant of Sinar Mas Forestry, Asep Karsidi said, this technology used since February 2016 also uses data soil moisture from auto weather station as an indicator, wherein the system based on GIS will visually display data in the form of platform dynamic mapping which allows APP Sinar Mas teams immediately identify potential areas caused the fire, even though in peat land.

"If the previous data relevant to forest fires and land surface to be collected from various sources, which lead to delays and increasingly long lead time. Now, the system can be used to integrate data from the concession of APP Sinar Mas supplier, BMKG, BNPB and the relevant local authorities. That means the company can more easily and effectively in making decisions based on the information you have," said Asep.

Enterprises that occupied Sinar Mas is very closely related to geography. Management of resources and assets to the response to emergencies and appropriate land management.

"GIS technology helps APP Sinar Mas map and analyze their business data with information environment so they get in-depth information about the risk of forest fires, and this can not they get from devices or other systems. This technology will make a significant contribution towards reducing the forest and land fires, and provide benefits not only to Sinar Mas, but also for Indonesia in general," concludes Istamar.

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