See Sambu Ponti Nozzle, Fire Extinguisher on Peatlands

See Sambu Ponti Nozzle, Fire Extinguisher on Peatlands
Sambusir Yusuf while speaking at international forum for United Nations (UN) Climate Change Summit 2016 in Marrakesh, Morocco (8/11)
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MOROCCO - Innovation born from the need to confront issues that can no longer be solved by a long way. This is done through Sambusir Yusuf discover, Sambu Ponti Nozzle while speaking at an international forum for the United Nations (UN) climate change in Marrakesh, Morocco (8/11).

Learning from experience in dealing with land and forest fires over the years, Sambusir think hard to create a tool that the process of extinguishing the fire can be done more quickly and on target.

"This tool invented based on experience in the field, fire that has been enlarged very difficult to put out, so we were thinking how to an enlarged
fire can be effective, efficient and safe quench," said Sambusir.

Sambu Ponti Nozzle pipe itself was modified in such a way so as to maximize the process of extinguishing the fire, particularly in the peatlands.

On findings that are useful in these fires, Sambusir invited by the Ministry of Environment and Forests (KLHK) in attending the Climate Change Summit 2016 which took place in Marrakech, Morocco from November 7 to 18 November 2016.

A number of innovations and findings to prevent forest fires and land degradation have done community in Indonesia go on display at the Indonesian Pavilion at the conference.

Sambu Ponti Nozzle consists two types: Primary and Branch
type. Sambu Ponti Primary equipped with a buffer so that time is used, the position and movement of fire team will be more comfortable, so that power will not be drained, even without the need to hold the flames do.

This tool, in addition to having a buffer is also equipped with three types of nozzle, the variable nozzle, spray nozzle, and the nozzle peat. Nozzle variable used to extinguish the body section of the fire and the tail of fire, where the strength of the spray water faster and stronger.

While spray nozzle serves to wet the surface of the fire, the spray strength, smaller but spread and reach out to various parts. The nozzle of peat used to reach the embers under the soil surface, as commonly occurs in the peat fires. Pipes equipped with pore water in the nozzle is inserted into the ground and sprayed water to extinguish the fire of peat subsurface peat fire.

Sambu Ponti Branch can be installed in any hose connection, so many hotspots that can be extinguished by this tool. Compared to the old ways, the end of the hose is only able to reach one point.

Sambusir who employees of Asia Pulp & Paper (APP) Sinar Mas at the Fire Operation Management hoped that their findings can be widely used, and the public know that there is a simple tool that greatly helps to overcome the fires either visible or fire below the ground surface peat.

In this event, APP Sinar Mas also presented the development program Desa Makmur Care Fire (DMPA) were first conceived last year at COP 21 with the aim to develop the potential and add value socioeconomic around at the same time preserving the environment, one of them through agroforestry, Where one year after its launch, 58 villages have benefited from the program DMPA and 22 other villages are expected to follow towards the end of the year.

Target APP is bringing program DMPA to 500 villages by 2020. The villages of beneficiaries DMPA selected based on their distance from the concessions of APP, as well as assessments about the level of their vulnerability to forest fires, deforestation and conflict over natural resources.

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