Homeless Media, New Concept of

Homeless Media, New Concept of
User Acquisition Manager, Risang B. Dhananto and Content Builder, Mudhita Dharmasaputra in Jakarta, recently
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JAKARTA - Aware of the trend and development of the era that puts anyone could become a supplier of information, continue to develop and update the site and presents a variety of features by adopting a new concept of 'Homeless Media' to strengthen themselves as agents of change.

"Anyone can be a medium today. Ease of received information a trend 'like and share' of an upload in digital media. It's okay, as long as the content is good. But the problem is, right now a lot of media which has black contents for provocative or hoax," said User Acquisition Manager, Risang B. Dhananto in Jakarta, Monday (15/11).

Related 'Homeless Media', Risang revealed, this new concept is the concept of lengthening content across media platforms including social media. Each platform has a native content (autonomous content) corresponding to the character of the platform and the target market that used to be on the platform.

"We do not add media distribution channel, but the channel itself and make the platform as a medium. For example, mass media uses social media to spread the news in the media the main web page. When social media links is clicked, the reader is directed to a web page to read the content more complete," said Risang.
Homeless Media, New Concept of
He added, 'Homeless Media' display different content in many channels though the same information. For example, an account on facebook serve one-minute video about the habits of young people who have never trash each finished eating at the supermarket. This is due to the habit of discussion and dissemination on facebook right for one minute video character and themed social experiment.

"Going forward, predicted to appear more and more content providers are not just relying on home pages or applications. Syndicated content through social media platforms also be more effective to reach the public and to open a discussion," he said.

Content Builder, Mudhita Dharmasaputra explained that the reason is chosen video in this platform over to the power of video in story telling.

"We have a program called 1 Menit which serving actual issues that have a major impact on people's lives in the duration of one minute. This information is consistent with the patterns of media consumption today is more easily enjoyed and understood in a short time," he said.

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