Thailand Golfers Make Envy CEO of Combiphar

Thailand Golfers Make Envy CEO of Combiphar
John Cathlin, champion of Asian Development Tour (ADT) at Combiphar Golf Invitational with CEO Combiphar, Michael Wanandi after ADT Trophy Award in Gunung Geulis Country Club, Bogor
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BOGOR - Asian Development Tour (ADT) at the Combiphar Golf Invitational officially 'print' golfers from the United States (US), John Catlin became champion. This 26 year golfers win with a score of 16 under par total of 268.

"This win means a lot to me. I go through so many things in my life both personally and as a professional for the last three years," said golfer who is now based in Bangkok after ADT Trophy Award in Gunung Geulis Country Club, Bogor, Saturday (26/11).

Catlin's victory makes CEO of
Combiphar, Michael Wanandi increasingly challenged to find the seeds of new young Indonesian golfers which ini the future to become champions in the prestigious international golf arena.

"We want
Indonesia players given the opportunity to play with international players. A lot of potential Indonesian players who could play well but do not have a chance to play abroad because the huge cost. Well, why did not we bring in foreign players, so that Indonesia players can play and see what kind of international players," said Michael.

Even Michael admitted of jealous to Thailand golfers who
much dominated in this tournament.

"Just look at it in the standings board, many Thai players who can compete with international players. I also envy with it," said Michael.

Therefore it is also, it will see whether this event will continue to run in the following years.

"Surely we can talk again. If we were invited again, we will prepare. If may be given another chance, we would consider," said Michael.

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