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By This Artist, Ahok Requested to Change

By This Artist, Ahok Requested to Change
Basuki T Purnama with Poppy Kelly at Rumah Lembang
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JAKARTA - Winning post Basuki T Purnama (Ahok) - Djarot at Rumah Lembang, Menteng, Jakarta attended an artist again. Usually the artists expressed support clearly, but this artist even ask a man who is familiar called Ahok to change.

"I ask him to want to be elegant and speak katalah with language competence. During this time the public has always highlighted the attitude of Mr Ahok outspoken and often-spoken possible for many less pleasant to the ear. Like always the leader, then it is only fair to heed," said Poppy Kelly in Rumah Lembang, Tuesday (29/11) morning.

Hearing request a former finalist Miss Indonesia 2005, Ahok just smiled.

"I've changed...," Ahok said and laughing lightly applause were present in Rumah Lembang.

After meet Ahok, Poppy said she also expressed her expectation to Ahok to keep the courage to be with elegant and good spoken word conversation.

"I admit the results of its work, it is very enjoyable and beneficial for the Jakarta
citizens," said this singer of song 'Aku Mahal'.