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2016 World AIDS Day

Government Still Can't Control HIV-AIDS Cases

Government Still Cant Control HIV-AIDS Cases
2016 World AIDS Day
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JAKARTA - In the midst of the celebration of 2016 World AIDS Day (HAS), the real condition of HIV-AIDS cases in Indonesia is still alarming.

Report of the Directorate General of Disease Control and Prevention (P2P), Ministry of Health (MoH) RI, the number of cumulative cases of HIV-AIDS in Indonesia from 1987 until June 30, 2015 consisting of as many as 291,465 with
208,909 HIV and 82,556 AIDS with 14 234 deaths.

As for the estimation of HIV-AIDS cases in Indonesia reached 600,000, which was detected only half. From the number detected a new, 70,000-an taking
antiretrorival (ARV).
Government Still Cant Control HIV-AIDS Cases
"And keep in mind, do not describe the cases detected HIV-AIDS cases that actually exist in the community. The HIV-AIDS is closely related to the phenomenon of the iceberg," said Syaiful W. Harahap, an AIDS activist Watch Indonesia in Jakarta, Thursday (1/12).

According to him, until now, the government can not do much to overcome adult male
risky behavior for sexual transactions occur with transvestites, prostitutes direct, indirect sex workers and female sex gratification that is not localized. Of the Ministry of Health estimates, there were 6,747,503 men who become customers of direct sex worker and indirect sex workers.

"The government obviously can not do much because world experience shows that only by localizing prostitution, the government could intervene. Look forward to the community is also impossible because of indulgence into prostitution in various forms has been attached to the behavior of most human beings on this earth. Therefore, it can be do is keep yourself and your family," he said.
Government Still Cant Control HIV-AIDS Cases
Meanwhile, the commissioner of National AIDS Commission (KPA) of West Java province, Landry Kusumo wish in celebration
2016 HAS, no new cases of infection in Indonesia, especially in West Java, there are no more deaths due to AIDS and there is no stigma or discrimination for people with HIV-AIDS.

"Those who will take action 212 tomorrow, please pray on this day December 1, in commemoration of World AIDS Day to be three things on the wane," Landry said in Jakarta, Thursday (1/12).