This Young Director Rewarded by Kingdom of Jembrana

This Young Director Rewarded by Kingdom of Jembrana
Natasha Dematra when receive award from Kingdom of Jembrana, Bali at Istana Puri Agung Negara, recently
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JEMBRANA - One young Indonesian filmmakers have won the highest award of the Kingdom of Jembrana, Bali. Raja Puri Agung Negara Anak Agung Gde Agung B. Sutedja accompanied by Empress provides the highest award directly to Natasha Dematra at Istana Puri Agung Negara, recently.

This award is given for contribution Natasha in art and culture, great tolerance and humanity. This highest award also shows that Natasha become part of the kingdom

"Hopefully this award can encourage Indonesia beings to be able to perform and contribute to the nation," said Raja Puri Agung Anak Agung Negara Gde Agung B. Sutedja.

Jembrana kingdom itself a kingdom formed in 1705. The Supreme King Sutedja is currently the king of the 9th of Puri Agung Jembrana.

"I am honored by this award. I will make this award as a driver I am to continue to work and produce things that can provide benefits for Indonesia and the world," said Natasha whose her film was recently screened at the UN conference on climate.

Natasha itself formerly known as the world record holder for youngest female director and until now has won more than 100 international awards in the field of directing, acting, singing, editing and humanitarian activities.
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