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There's Feels Awkward at Terminated Marriage Certificate Forgery Case

Theres Feels Awkward at Terminated Marriage Certificate Forgery Case
Djonggi M Simorangkir, Ida Ida Rumindang R and Melva Tambunan showed pensions acceptance letter and Bhayangkari card at PN South Jakarta, Thursday (1/11)
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JAKARTA - There is something feels awkward after the pre trial Warrant Termination of Investigation (SP3) court by former Director General Criminal (Direskrimum) Polda Metro Jaya, Commissioner Krishna Murti related to the alleged falsification of marriage certificate as well as embezzlement of property filed widow retired policeman, Melva Tambunan in District Court (PN) South Jakarta.

Jakarta Police have not seen a marriage certificate falsification committed by SS. In fact, head of KUA Serang Baru, Bekasi subdistrict, Asep Mukhtar has stated if it never issued a marriage certificate on behalf of Agus Maulana Kasiman and SS.

"One of the reasons, we decided there was not enough evidence in this case about absence of the detailed list of assets left by the deceased," said Samsi, attorney Polda Metro Jaya after court, Thursday (1/12).

But the answer to the Jakarta Police are considered Melva Tambunan lawyer, Djonggi M Simorangkir as a reason that is not right.

"Investigators could not prove in court about the evidence that SS is illegal wife. It is not possible that there are two legal wife in police agencies. Our clients have proof about pensions acceptance letter and Bhayangkari card," said Djonggi.

He added that the Marriage Act sets out the terms for adding the wife must obtain permission from the first wife of a legitimate and consent of the employer as an additional requirement for police. In this case, his clients and superiors of her husband said there was no application for a license, first find out about this.

"The evidence that we present very strong and witnesses that we represent from KUA has also been proved by checking  marriage certificate," said Djonggi.

In the trial which entered the stage of conclusion today, it requested the cancellation of the SP3 which signed by Krisna Murti.

"If this case was decided later to win and the investigation should be continued, we will escort our clients to urge Propam police to check Krisna Murti," he concluded.