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Activist Arrested, Police Concentration 212 Protest First

Activist Arrested, Police Concentration 212 Protest First
Rachmawati Soekarnoputri when arrested by police / photo Special
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JAKARTA - Today, police conducted a number of arrests to activists suspected to be committed treason against the state. Since Friday (2/12) morning to circulate the message of WhatsApp (WA) which mentions a number of activists were picked up police officers.

There has been no official statement chronological pick these activists of the Police Headquarters. Chief of Police Public Relations Division, Inspector General Police Boy
Rafli Amar confirmed that police had arrested activists included Rachmawati Soekarnoputri, but has not explained the reason of this arrest.

"Being in the examination of Police. Information is eight," said Boy in Jakarta, Friday (2/12).

But he did not specify anyone arrested and the reason why they were arrested.

"Concentration to
(peaceful protest) this first," he said referring to the action of prayer with the National Movement Supporters of Fatwa Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI GNPF) centered at the National Monument in Jakarta.

Here are the names of the activists who police secured the appropriate
circulating WA messages:

1. Ahmad Dhani, was arrested at Sari San Pacific Hotel.
2. Kivlan Zein, was arrested at his home in the complex Griya Gading Lestari Lestari blok H1 -15 Pegangsaan Dua.
3. Racmawati was arrested at her residence. 
4. Ratna Sarumpaet arrested
at Sari San Pacific Hotel.
5. Sri Bintang Pamungkas, was arrested at his residence in Cibubur.

Related to this arrest, Indonesian Police Watch (IPW) has urged the Chief of Police and Jakarta police chief
to immediately remove because it captures a number of activists together with demonstrations 212. Basic arrests of several activists were considered unclear.

Chairman of the Presidium of the IPW, Neta S Pane said, through the arrest the police just being arrogance. Moreover, he said, treason benchmarks as charged to the activists that contains multiple interpretations.

"Jakarta police chief did not have a clear legal basis in catch this figures," said Neta in Jakarta, Friday (2/12).

He suspects the arrest of activists as an attempt by the police to divert the issue of alleged blasphemy suspect that melibatlkan inactive Jakarta Governor Basuki Tjahaja Purnama or Ahok usually called. He menilain in case there is a clear Ahok blasphemy.

So he suggested police immediately arrested Ahok rather than spend energy to make the transfer issue.