'Squeeze' Mobile Phones Still Not Receding

Squeeze Mobile Phones Still Not Receding
Alcatel 2051D
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JAKARTA - In the midst of this era of digitization and technology, market share of feature phone, a cell phone that can only be used to call and SMS not subsided. Unmitigated, the market is still about 40 percent.

"Our featur phone sales still 40-60 percent. That's why  Alcatel
make feature phone because demand is still there," said Indonesia International Business Division (APAC) Alcatel Indonesia, Sentot Andalas after Alcatel Launch Event in Jakarta, Wednesday ( 7/12)

He explained that the portion of feature phone market in Indonesia is outside of Java. Its demand on Sumatera in western region of Indonesia, Sulawesi and Papua in eastern Indonesia.

"Users are indeed above the average of 40-45 years old who would like to request that the phone still
can push (squeeze). In addition, it is also from segmentation purchasing power factor is still too influential medium," said Sentot.,

The above considerations, it plans to continue providing feature phone as long as there is demand. In addition to sales targets, other objectives are also to penetrate the market, so that people in the area know Alcatel.

"One time, feature phone will run out. But while this is still a demand, we will be working on. If you sell, as long as asked we provide. It could be a tool for market penetration as well, so there Alacatel known," he said.
Squeeze Mobile Phones Still Not Receding
For note, the latest two series of feature phone that is released Alcatel
each Alcatel 1054D which has a candybar design. Second, Alcatel 2051D are clamshell designed. Both are phones that only serve the basic needs of communication, telephone and SMS.

At Alcatel 1054D has features such as a VGA camera and Bluetooth 2.1. While Alcatel 2051D is equipped with a 2 megapixel camera, dual SIM, FM radio, and Bluetooth 2.1. Alcatel 1054D priced at RP 249,000, while the 2051D priced Rp 549,000.

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