'A Deep Sleep', The Montecristo Sunset and Sunrise Album

A Deep Sleep, The Montecristo Sunset and Sunrise Album
Montecristo perform at Hard Rock Cafe Jakarta, recently / Sindonews
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JAKARTA - After six years, progressive rock band from Indonesia, Montecristo released his second album 'A Deep Sleep'.

Group who fronted by vocalist Eric Martoyo, Rustam Effendy as guitarist, Fadhil Indra as
keyboardist, Haposan Pangaribuan as bassist, Alvin Anggakusuma as guitarist, and Keda Panjaitan as drummer was previously released the first album 'Celebration of Birth' in 2010.

Montecristo took a header two ends of mankind's journey in two albums. In 'Celebration of Birth', the band tells the story of the birth. While in 'A Deep Sleep' is about death. The series of songs in the album, tells the story of the phase between the two points: life.

"Only one word, but contains a process that never simple. There is humanity, friendship, the sense of sin, and so forth," says the vocalist, Eric Martoyo in Jakarta, recently.

'A Deep Sleep' itself began to be recorded since the beginning of 2013 in some studio in Jakarta. The creative process in the making of this album is quite slow and long, so that can only be completed nearly three years later.

"Usually we go into the studio after sunset and return at sunrise. Early morning is the apex of creative ideas in the process of recording this album," said Eric.
The guitarist, Rustam Effendy added, 'A Deep Sleep' is dedicated to a friend who is also a musician and is considered to have a high dedication to promote progressive rock music, Andy Julias who died on 17 February.

"A lot of what he did. The music it's difficult to promoted. He is very militant, had several times held a rock festival. We dedicate this album to him and fortunately he had heard the demo when we were the production process," he said.

Besides Alexander, 'A Deep Sleep' consists of nine other songs, namely Mother Nature, The Man In A of Wheelchair, Simple Truth, Ballerina, A Deep Sleep, A Blessing or A Curse?, Point Zero, Rendezvous and Nanggroe.
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