When Bimbo No Longer Hold Guitar

When Bimbo No Longer Hold Guitar
Bimbo when planting red turvy tree seedlings at biosphere reserve in Giam, Siak Kecil, Riau
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SIAK - For the sake of restoration of degraded lands in the landscape biosphere reserve in Giam, Siak Kecil, Siak District, Riau Province, legendary music group, Bimbo willing to descend directly to plant trees.

Sam, Jaka and Acil Bimbo who average 70 year old eager in the sun planting red turvy tree seedlings. Even so, this musicians from Bandung who produce this religious themed hits, also looked troubled for tamp the soil for tree seedlings with a hoe.

"Easier to grasp guitars rather than holding a hoe," joked Acil Bimbo on Thursday (8/12).

Trio Bimbo present took part in the 'From Tennis to Trees' that was held APP Sinar Mas and the Women's Tennis Association World (WTA) in fulfilling the commitment to plant a tree for every point aces generated at the tennis tournament world 'BNP Paribas WTA Finals' in Singapore on October 23 to 30, 2016.

Before planting trees, Trio Bimbo also brought two songs titled 'Bumiku Nusantaraku' and 'Balada Seorang Biduan'.

"Positive activity needs to be packaged in a creative way, so that people interested in volunteering to participate. The efforts of the company (APP Sinar Mas) has been good and the future needs to be improved in the region more broadly," he said.

Sam Bimbo adding, Indonesia would be ironic if that has 71 years of independence had no significant change in the mindset and positive behaviors for development and preservation of nature.

"All must come together to show and realize Indonesia was tough and severe," he said.

Meanwhile, Director of APP Sinar Mas, Suhendra Wiriadinata said, that activity is APP Sinar Mas commitment to protect and restore the forests in Sumatera and Kalimantan. Therefore, the company took the initiative to plant a tree for every point aces generated at the WTA Tournament Final in Singapore.

As known, an ace tennis players earn points when the ball when put through the service and can not be reached by an opposing player.

"The number of points ace generated is 77 to match singles and 35 for doubles with a total amount of 112 aces. APP on this day the total will be planting more than 150 trees turvy red over an ??two hectares area in Arboretum Village Rasau Kuning, Riau," he said.

He said the event was also attended by representatives of the Indonesian Embassy in Singapore and representation WTA.

Arboretum selected as the planting site because, according to research Kyushu University in Japan, has a high conservation value with 300 different plants in the range of 100 meters. Seedlings will be prepared piggledy red APP to be planted during the ceremony. Red Balau included in the category of endangered plants are found in Sumatera and Kalimantan.
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