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Cause This, Australia Being 'Dragged' to Indonesia

Cause This, Australia Being Dragged to Indonesia
Subductionzone in Australia and Indonesia area
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CANBERRA - Australian continent has shifted as much as 1.5 meters to the north for 22 years. Tectonic movement is known from the resulting data synchronization of Global Positioning System (GPS).

ABC Newsreported, to solve the problem, the local government announced it will soon renew the latitude and longitude position change state.

Currently, the Australian plate is the fastest continental plates in the earth. The moved to the north and a little to the east about 5-7 cm per year. This movement causes the magnitude of potential tectonic earthquakes occur in the future is inevitable.

It is most likely to occur in the near future is the change in location of Australia is getting closer to the equator. Australia is being 'dragged' him closer to the equator from year to year.

The digital map can tell where a state based on the coordinates of the details provided by the government. In Australia, the coordinates last updated by the national body called geocentric Datum of Australia (GDA) in 1994. Since then, unknown
this continent kangaroo has moved more than 1.5 meters.

There is also the renewal of the position change as well as the latitude and longitude coordinates of the country will be conducted in 2017. According to predictions, by 2020 Australia will move as much as two meters to the south.

That is, the new coordinates will be synchronized based on the latest latitude and longitude data in the next three years. Entering 2020, the point coordinates will be more accurate than they are today.

"The line itself will be in accordance with the continent, but over time, the position will be different compared to the existing position in the GPS. So we will often continue to make changes," said Attorney from Geoscience Australia as released

The difference of 1.5 meters may not be a problem for those who only use Google Maps to determine the fastest route reaches home or other locations, because the accuracy of GPS technology into our smartphones only about 5-10 meters. But in the future, the effectiveness of the car without a driver technology could become chaotic because of this tectonic shift. As a result, GPS measurements as accurate as possible inevitably become a very important issue.

"In a car without a driver, a difference of 1.5 meters will influence whether the car will be in the middle of the road, or on the other line," said a spokesman for Geoscience Australia, as quoted by the National Geographic Indonesia.

And massive tectonic movements in the earth's plates (eg, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes) is able to change the latitude and longitude of a continent. As happened in 2004, an earthquake measuring 8.1 on the Richter scale Macquaire Island, Antarctica and Australia still came a day after the Indian Ocean tsunami. Impact, the distance between Australia and Tasmania gained a few millimeters.

A group of Australian scientists say is caused by the movement of Earth's plates collide. Australia is located on top of the most active tectonic plates to move and collide with the Pacific plate. Not only under the Australian plate, the Pacific plate
reportedly moves 11 centimeters each year