AFF 2016 Final Tickets Sold in Military Headquarters

AFF 2016 Final Tickets Sold in Military Headquarters
Indonesia vs Thailand
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JAKARTA - 15,000 tickets for the first leg of the final round of the ASEAN Football Federation (AFF) between Indonesia and Thailand will be sold offline.

"The tickets are distributed in Jakarta and Bogor," the Secretary General of Indonesia Football Association (PSSI), Ade Wellington, said at the PSSI office, Jakarta on Saturday (10/11).

PSSI chairman, Lieutenant General Edy Rahmayadi approved the use of military means in ticket sales this time. He noted that 10,000 of the tickets will be sold at the Permanent Garrison Headquarter I, located beside the Army Strategic Reserve Command (Kostrad) Headquarters in Gambir, Central Jakarta, and the other 5,000 will be sold at the 0621 District Military Command headquarter in Cibinong, Bogor District, West Java.
"In garrison Gambir will be provided 10 thousand sheets of tickets for sale to the audience.
It is hoped that by selling the tickets at army headquarters, ticket scalpers would think twice before operating. Offline sales of tickets will be done simultaneously, starting at 8 am on Tuesday.," said Ade.

Regarding online ticket sales, he said the AFF, through Thai Ticket Major, has recommended There will be 13,000 online tickets under category one and two, offered to Indonesian fans to watch their national team. plans to start selling tickets at 12.00 on Sunday, while real tickets would be distributed at FX Sudirman Mall from Tuesday to Wednesday.

Regarding their prices, PSSI has fixed at Rp500,000 for Category I tickets, Rp300,000 for Category II and Rp100,000 for Category III tickets. PSSI will donate Rp50,000 from each ticket sold to earthquake victims in Aceh province.

The first leg of the final round of the AFF Cup 2016 is scheduled for Wednesday (Dec 14) at Pakansari Stadium in Cibinong, Bogor, West Java, at 7 pm.

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