Intend to Pointy Nose, This Singer Affected Malpractice

Intend to Pointy Nose, This Singer Affected Malpractice
Ratna Pandita and her lawyer, Hendry Indraguna (inzet: Ratna nose when incident)
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JAKARTA - This incident maybe become important lesson for those of you who want to beautify themselves by instant. Dangdut singer Ratna Pandita became victims of malpractice beauty doctor. The intention to create a pointy nose instead disastrous.

The incident began when Ratna go to a one of beauty clinic in Senayan, Jakarta around beginning October 2016.

"The intention want to make a pointed nose with filler. But that is make me fever, headache, two days later my
face swelling," said Ratna in Jakarta, Saturday (10/12).

Ratna also hold accountable the doctor and the clinic. Three days later she was injected to eliminate the filler by the same clinic for six consecutive days. But the results do not match expectations.

Because never found a solution that is hoped, on November 18, Ratna bring this incident into law by making a police report in the Jakarta Police, accompanied by Annisa Bahar and her lawyer, Hendry Indraguna and Ronny Sapulette.

"Tuesday (13/12) will be in the dossier (BAP)," said dangdut singer who had 'Gokil' sway.

As a result of the incidence of this malpractice, Ratna demanded pay Rp500 million because could not gig since the last two months.

"She has a contract at Annisa Bahar. But, cause of this illness she could not work 1.5 months, whereas most of the money has been received. Because Ratna does not work, Annisa get a lawsuit from a third party. Ratna asked to pay a penalty hit Rp500 million," said Hendry Indraguna, Ratna lawyer.

Her side, continued Hendry, will be waiting for the mediation efforts until Thursday (15/12).

"If Thursday not addressed, we are accountable to the demands loss of Rp2.5 billion, Rp1.5 billion immaterial and
and Rp1 billion of material loss," said Hendry.

Ratna herself had had enough with what she has conducted in order to beautify themselves instantly.

"I am aware, this is wrong. I have violated nature," she said.

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