When Narji Love Still 'Three in One'

When Narji Love Still Three in One
Narji and Susi Legit
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JAKARTA - Long time did not appear in the video clip, comedian who frontman Cagur, suddenly present and called his love 'Three in One'. Why, suddenly Narji joke like this?

Apparently, that Narji joke for comment on title song music video using his services as a guest star.

"The song is the 'Cinta Ganjil Genap', but I'm still 'Three in One'," said Narji after shooting video clip a dangdut singer's song, Susi Legit in Jakarta, recently.

Erratic course, spontaneous Narji joke makes boisterous atmosphere at shooting locations. Boisterous atmosphere itself is already 'broken' since the start of filming. When scenes in that video clip, Narji could already make a fresh.

Speaking of the song,
Pay Caramel explained that the idea was originated from the odd car registration rules that apply even in the protocol roads in Jakarta.

"The difference, in 'Cinta Ganjil Genap'
that worried because on certain days with same pair, but next day different. Similar to the odd even traffic regulations. Date for odd car use odd numbers, dates for even use even numbers," said Pay.
When Narji Love Still Three in One

Meanwhile, about chosen
Narji as a guest star in video clip, Susi admitted selecting this comedian who also hosts is due've known for a long time.

"I have known Narji from
long time, then I take in my video clip to be more excited," she explained.

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