Irony, Important Match with Limited Ticket

Irony, Important Match with Limited Ticket
Pakansari Stadium (inzet: Queue of thousands fans who will buy tickets for final 2016 AFF Cup) / Sindonews
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JAKARTA - Public so highly interest in AFF Cup 2016 first leg final match between Indonesia vs Thailand. Unfortunately, many fans did not get tickets for the match which held at Pakansari Stadium, Cibinong, Bogor.

This is very unfortunate. Supposedly, PSSI provides another alternative stadium which larger capacity in order to facilitate the Indonesian national team fans 'thirst' for glory Indonesian football and want to give full support to the Indonesian national team.

Consider just the ticket sales at Kostrad
headquarters, Gambir on Tuesday (13/12) morning stopped because of an uproar. Candidates of spectators who had lined up since dawn to force entry in order to get tickets for the three categories. They worry not get tickets this number is very limited indeed.
Irony, Important Match with Limited Ticket
However, circumstances changed dramatically when morning came. Some people seemed impatient to push the queue in front of him. Strategy from committee to add the queue path it did not work.

And finally declared final match tickets expire at 11:00 pm. Ten thousand sheets of tickets were sold out. Although imposed a quota of three tickets, midmorning one buyer is only allowed to buy one ticket so that all who lined up did not go home empty-handed.

In Bogor, offline ticket sales of 5,000 tickets, leaving a deep disappointment for the prospective audience. The majority of prospective audience failed to bring the ticket.

"It must have been disappointed mas, I've queued from early morning, but still did not get," said Ram (35), a resident of Gunung Putri, Bogor in front Makodim 0621 Bogor.

Similar disclosed Deny Setiawan (25), a resident Ciawi, Bogor. He disappointed the process of ticket sales and provides offline in Bogor limited.

"I should have sold it offline here even more. Because I want to buy online is very difficult and complicated. Now, already a queue for hours still ran well, forced to watch on television deh," he said.

Denny hopes that the PSSI provides additional tickets to be resold offline.

"Hopefully there are additional for people Bogor," he said.
Irony, Important Match with Limited Ticket
Related to the election Pakansari Stadium as the venue for the final match of the AFF 2016, Secretary General of
PSSI, Ade Wellington said Pakansari Stadium is the stadium closest Jakarta which ready to hold this match.

He explained, during the Gelora Bung Karno Stadium (GBK) has not completed from restoration, there was no other choice to use alternative stadiums on the outskirts of the capital city as a means of field replacement when the game team. And most important for the host committee that the hosts do not need to seek approval and assessment committee AFF Cup. AFF Cup Organizing Committee has also been inspecting and assessing the feasibility of the stadium before the semifinal match between Indonesia against Vietnam last week.

"The preparation time is short just too short a time to look elsewhere," said Ade.

Indonesia will play the first leg of the final against Thailand, Wednesday (13/12) in Pakansari Stadium, Cibinong, Bogor. A match that will be broadcast live on RCTI and iNews TV.

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